I can’t find my profile

Hello, I have recently linked my Xbox account to my original Ubisoft connect account from when I used to play pc, my profile still shows my old stats and level from when I played pc, and my Xbox name does not show up when I search it. My Ubisoft connect account name is ethan_xvsjx , and my Xbox account name is xvsjx and I cannot find my Xbox name on r6 tracker. Any help?

Hi, as the site and apps state, Ubisoft’s stats API is down. Nothing is updating right now. It should correct itself once Ubi fixes their stuff.

my profile has never popped up on r6 tracker when I search my xbox name ever since I linked my Ubisoft connect account to my Xbox account. My name is xvsjx on Xbox. Is there any way you guys could get my profile to show up? I want to check my stats from last season and my kd.