I cannot link my origin account. i can write down any nickname and it will accept it without any confirmation

@sgtfrankieboy No problem, thank you very much :slight_smile:

My origin will not link either, i changed my name and now it wont link.

Hi @Sookei,

When did you change your Origin username? We cannot find your Apex Legends stats right now.

i changed it about 24hrs ago now

so its kinda linked my account but its my old name and my stats are not updating. i put in my old name and i have my account, but there is not tick and stats are not updating

@Sookei I’ve replied in the other post you made however it looks like you currently have this account linked.

Can you confirm this is now correct/incorrect? From what i can see this would match your currently linked Origin ID.

Thank you

Jayy_Maie’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

Sir i am having the same issue please help me…I climbed to diamond in apex in my region and want to see my name there help me please

@Fuu-noop You currently have ‘HalfmightyFuu’ linked as your Origin ID which appears to be incorrect.

Can you both pass me your Origin ID in a reply below while also updating it here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (thetrackernetwork.com)

Thank you in advance

I am also having problem with linking origin with trackernetwork, following is my origin name UltimatezSolider , please somebody help me,

@ultimatezsolider While entering your Origin ID it’s supposed to allow players to enter anyone they own; we cannot ‘verify’ (Apply a blue tick) or force players to log into their accounts to verify as EA do not support this.

Right now you have ‘UltimatezSolider’ linked as your Origin ID and if that’s correct you are good to go!

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My origin account linked, but my stats still won’t show up when I type my Origin user. I play on Nintendo Switch.

I also changed my name 1 day before. Before that my account was shown and the verified symbol was there. But now there is no verified symbol and If I search for my account, the tracker shows my account with the old name So can you help me with the issue sir

il mio ID PSN è Saraa_FPS non riesco a collegarlo al mio profilo, HELP ME.


Ho risposto qui all’altro tuo post:

Per favore fatemi sapere se aiuta.

Hello, I think I have the same issue, I wrote “Callisse” as my Origin ID, however I cannot see my profile or when I look for it, it says Player not found.
Appreciate all the help!

hi. i also having same problem. please help. Cant find account (apex/origin)

Hi, is it possible for a dev to link my account too?i would like to appear on the leaderboard to see my place and know how much kills i need to make to have the second place in my country with fuse.
Just do it whan you have the time. I hope you’ll have a great day!

Hi same problem for me

Any tips please ?

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yo im having the same issues aswell, my origin id is SAFAYET

Me to

Pls help
DuHu x13