I can't find my apex account and Im not showing up on my country’s leaderboards

i can’t find my apex account and Im not showing up on my country’s leaderboards please helpe me.
my origin profile name is : KNF_Sasuke and my country is Bangladesh…thank you

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see i can’t find my profile on anywhere!!

Can you do me a favour?

Select Wraith
Equip ONLY the ‘Kills’ tracker in game (The very basic tracker; not one with artwork)
Jump into the firing range; wait 30 seconds and then try search up your account again?

Thank you

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i did sir still…cant find my profile…however if i search my old username i find a account without any stats

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i did

@KNF_Sasuke Have you updated your username directly on the Origin website?

And is this your account:


yes sir…this is my account.its not showing on my country’s leaderboards or anywhere else…please fix it,so everyone can find my profile and update my game states

and yes i updated my username directly on the Origin website. KNF_SHAHINSHAH To KNF_Sasuke

Okay; looking into this ‘KNF_Sasuke’ is not showing under the Origin/EA database fully at this time; I can clearly see you have updated your username but it’s simply not processed on their side as of yet; thus we cannot process your data.

This is sometimes immediate, and in rare cases, it can take 3-5 days from experience

Furthermore here is a guide on how to make your data more accurate: Tracking your statistics with ApexTracker - FAQ - Apex Legends - Tracker Network

For now, this is your active Origin profile: KNF_SHAHINSHAH’s Apex Legends Overview Stats - Apex Legends Tracker and you can see Wraith kills are now updated; this shall reflect on the global leaderboards soon however will not include your regional flag as you have ‘KNF_Sasuke’ linked as your Origin ID prior to the EA systems updating.

I’ll keep track of this; don’t update your linked profile tag for now; hopefully, this will self-resolve.

Sorry for the wall of text but username/gamertag changes are incredibly complex on the back end

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okay thank you.i will wait 3-5 days and lets see what happen.and one more thing sir, i changed my username KNF_SHAHINSHAH To KNF_Sasuke like a month ago.Is there anyway to show my current account on my country’s leaderboards?

@KNF_Sasuke Set your Origin username as ’ KNF_SHAHINSHAH’ here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (thetrackernetwork.com)

And your region here: Tracker Network | Settings - Premium (thetrackernetwork.com)