I can't see my events history and live match

I turn on fortnite when the application is on and it doesn’t catch my nickname or my stats. What to do?

Hey @Bajeczny, please try to find your profile on our website (https://fortnitetracker.com/) and make sure it’s not private. If you can find your stats on our website but they still don’t appear in the app, please send us your Overwolf logs.

Right-click on the Overwolf logo next to the clock > support > create logs zip

Hi I have the same problem and I need help. Thank you

Hi @Relvis,

Please provide more information about this problem. Does the app detect your nickname (you can see it on the left side)? Does it work in-game if you use hotkeys?

If possible, please send us your game logs to help us understand the issue:

Please reply in your new topic: