I don’t show up on any leaderboards

I have checked every single leaderboard I would be on and I am not on there, I have followed the proper steps to do so and it doesn’t work.

Example, I went to the leaderboards for Season 9 Kills as Wraith, I have 127 so far. I checked the leaderboards where others have 120 kills and I am missing. (My user is RuffNboy)

Unfortunately 130~ kills as Wraith this season wouldn’t have you in the top 1000 wraith players this season.

1000 players have over 1300 ‘Wraith Season 9 Kills’ right now.

Are you possible looking at a different leaderboard?

All Platforms Season 9 Kills Leaderboard - Apex Legends Tracker

my name and my friends name dosen t shwo up at all even though i created an account and i have 1000+ on revenant

Send me a screenshot of your in-game account and i’ll do some digging for you.

Make sure you have the correct trackers on :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem too, I have 516 season 9 kills on wattson and yet I still don’t show up on the leader boards I also have the right trackers on

What’s your platform and ID i’ll take a look for you.


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I play on xbox and my gamertag is Wattson TNC

Im having the same issue. I have 1041 S9 Arena kills, 252 S9 arena wins, and 431k S9 damage as FUSE, which would make me #2 for all XBox players in the USA but i do not show up on the Regional Leaderboard for ANY of these stats.

Hi; you’re showing correctly on the LB here.

Thank you : Xbox Season 9 Kills Leaderboard - Apex Legends Tracker

Hello i am experiencing the same thing i have at least 440 kills for season 10 on PlayStation and i dont appear on it my friend does and he has less kills than me! Help!

Hello? Anyone there???

Hi i have the same problem for arenas. I have 701 kills on bloodhound and I’m not there on the leaderboard

I have the same problem. I look for my name in Ecuador leaderboards by RP but there’s a lot of players with less points on the leaderboards but I don’t appear there :frowning: can u help me please? Below is my actual RP and player ID

you don’t have a country set on your profile

Hi @AroelE96,

Please link your Apex Legends profile to your Tracker Network profile on this page:


Then, update your country on this page:


If everything is correct, you will see your country flag in your Apex Legends profile. Please note that it will take some time to update your placements in regional leaderboards (from a few hours to a couple of days).

Thanks for your help, but I tried many times to link the account and it says “Error Adding Plataform” and yes, I linked three (not just 2) accounts: youtube, discord and twitter.

Update: it works now, thanks. I also added the geo location on my account and the flag is showing. Still not showing up on country leaderboards but I guess it’s updating so may take a couple hours. Thank you :slight_smile:

Correct. Your country flag is visible now and you only need to wait a bit while our services are updating placements in leaderboards.

I also am not showing up on the ash kill leaderboard I currently have 912 kills and I’m United States ima above most people but it doesn’t show

Im having the same issue I should be #10 AUSTRALIA caustic for kills and 2nd for finishers… I can’t find it on regional nothing with my name