I need help recovering my profile.

HI! I’m trying to log in to my first account on your site but I keep running into a problem.
It keeps telling me that the username or password is wrong, I tried to recover the username but when I tried to log in again it gave me the same problem. I then tried to recover the password, but when I carry out the procedure it goes like a loop without ever giving me the possibility to log in or without giving me confirmation of the password change and in all of this I don’t even receive the “Reset key”
Can you help me?

@l_TOMMY_l Can you provide me with your original TRN ID and i’ll look into that for you.

Here you go: Ŧɸɱɱŷ
Thanks for the quick response.

@l_TOMMY_l Do you know the email address for that account? (You can DM me if you don’t want to share that on a forum)

@Lewie Of course, how can I write to you in DM? This is my first time using this forum

It might be easier for you to email me - [email protected]
I’ve also DM’d you, you will see a notification on the top right of your page

Whatever is easier :slight_smile:

We have pushed some fixes for this, please try again.

Thanks, now I managed to receive the recovery key but after requesting to change the password I received no confirmation and if I try to log in with my username and new password it always tells me an invalid username or password.
However, if I try to recover my password again, I don’t receive any email