I need help with knowing a badge!

As you can see in the image I would like to know what the bage “ Lodestar I” mean. And how to create “ In recognition of creating a guide for the community.” and I don’t know what is means and how to do that.

Hi @Bradley0702,

You can get this badge by uploading a video guide for Valorant:


Ok thank you. And while you are still helping me what does get first in leaderboard of xp? Because I am in the legend Division in 2nd place with 1,363 xp and would like to know what will happen if I hit 1st if anathing happens at all? And you answered the main thing but thought to ask while you’re here.

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Hey Bradley,

I have hit first in Mythic Division a few times.
I don’t think it does anything other than give you pride lol. I am not 100% on this. However, since they recently added weekly rewards, it may increase what you get every week. Thanks for asking about that badge, it’s the only one I don’t have and I’m working on my 365 day badge now. I’m around 250 days or so. I’m sure @Loch can answer this question though.

Ok thank you.

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