I renewed my subscription, but it's not recognized in the app

I used to subscribe to R6 Tracker, and then I cancelled months ago. Yesterday I renewed my subscription in the Overwolf settings (on the Subscriptions tab) but the R6 Tracker app still does not recognize that I am a paid subscriber. I know my subscription payment went through because the money was successfully charged to my credit card.

How can I get the R6 Tracker app to recognize my subscription? FYI, it also still shows in Overwolf as one of the “Expired Subscriptions”. Maybe I need to ask Overwolf support first?

Hi @skykingusa,

If you purchased your subscription on the Overwolf Appstore, please contact their customer support (Submit a ticket: Overwolf Support) and provide your payment details. Unfortunately, we cannot control the subscription process directly in this case.

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Thanks, that’s what I thought and I have contacted them. Currently trying to figure it out.