I'm #1 Valk last season but my name disappeared from all the Valkyrie leaderboards

I know y’all tired of seeing these posts but my account has been on top of the Valkyrie leaderboard all last season. But all the sudden I’m not on any of the Valk leaderboards regional or global. I’ve heard of it taking some time to load me into the leaderboard but I was already on it and then got removed. PLS HELP mwah! Here’s a link to my profile if that helps, my kill tracker still shows up on my acct but not the valkyrie kill leaderboards. https://apex.tracker.gg/apex/profile/origin/krakatoa47/overview

same with my acc, all tho im no where near #1. i cant find my name anywhere on my regions kills

@krakatoa47 Apex Legends - Valkyrie Season 14 Kills Leaderboard - Apex Legends Tracker

I think you just happened to look during our LB reset.

Everything is all good :slight_smile: