I'm not appearing on my state's leaderboard. Not sure how to get on there as I should be 4th place

Do I have to update my city/state or both, and if so, how? Because I can only update my country in Geo settings. I’ve clicked “Join Regional Leaderboard” and it just takes me back to Geo settings where all I can do is my country. Idk.

Hi, just choose the country please. It doesn’t seem like it’s been applied anyway as there isn’t a flag next to your profile picture. Please try selecting your country again, navigating to your profile and keep it open until it auto refreshes. Thanks

I saved it and the flag’s there but I’m still not on the leaderboard, and it’s been about an hour or two.

I’ve just checked the refreshed leaderboard. You are appearing. Thanks

Oh huh? I’m not appearing on my end. Still filtering by state.

I was looking at the leaderboard filtered by the United States. You can’t add a state to your profile anymore, the feature was removed.