Im not being shown on leaderboards

i am a 4.3k valk kills player from australia, and for whatever reason, my name isnt being shown on the leaderboards. ive claimed my acc and my stats on trn are up to date, but for whatever reason, im not on the leaderboards. for all valk players OCE, im about 53rd i think. please help me.

Hi @STRM_Ace,

What is your Apex Legends nickname? What is your platform (Origin/Steam, Xbox, PS)?

I checked your Tracker Network profile settings and it looks like you have not linked your Apex Legends account properly on this page:

My IGN for PSN in STRM_Ace and my EA account name is Awesome_ace16. i have linked what i can with the manage socials weblink, but i am still not being shown on the leaderboards @LostBlood

ive linked my ea acc and it still wont work