I'm not on the USA boards for most kills

On the Activision tab, I should be 2nd in USA for Plunder for most kills, I’m 3rd on Xbox. But not Activision. Not sure why it’s not uploading my kills to that leaderboard, any info would be helpful!

@lostblood Can you help?

Hi @xvxVEGETAxvx,

Please link your Activision ID on this page and give it some time to refresh placements in the regional leaderboard:


As of now, your only linked platform is Xbox which is why we cannot get your placement in regional leaderboards for your Activision ID.

I have linked my Activision account. It may take a couple days to show on the leaderboards?

Correct. We also recommend to refresh the leaderboards you are interested in several times while you are waiting. In some cases, it might speed up the process.