Impossible to add Origin Platform


Got the same issue as another member here when trying to add in Apex Legends my Origin account

Could you please help me ?

Thanks a lot !

Same issue here. Done everything.

did you link at least 2 of the other platforms listed in the message you screenshotted

Yes I tried as well, I’ve added more than 2 :slight_smile:

It works now, for some reason, I just tried it again… anyway thanks !

Check my screen. I have linked 2 other platforms and still can’t link my origin account. Therefore I am not joining the regional leaderboards.

Maybe try creating an Epic Games account, linking that, then trying Origin again?

What I would suggest here is after you have linked accounts logging out of the site and logging back in and then trying.

We’re aware it’s really not ideal when trying to just link an origin account however we had to implement measures to avoid abuse.

It’s also worth noting you will not see a ‘blue tick’ next to linked origin accounts (Even I don’t get that!)

Following that once you’re all linked up set your region as per normal and after 24-48 hours you should be on the global leaderboards.

@LJM How does TRN work? Should I have the site open whilst playing Apex or download the APP?

@LJM Disregard my previous message, I’m a poo poo head, downloaded Overwolf Apex Tracker. :sweat_smile: