In game display too large

In game display takes up way too much room, is there a way to adjust the size for this and/or to move the display to a different location of our HUD?

Hey, what is your screen resolution?

Hello. The in-game tracker is huge. My game resolution is: 2560 X 1600. My monitor supports up to 4K.

Please help.

Can you please send us a screenshot of your “Scale and layout” in Windows Settings -> Display? Thank you.

Here you go:

Looking into it. Sorry about that.

This is how it looks like in-game:

@OldSoulBiz got it. What are your video settings in Apex? If your game resolution and windows resolution are not the same, can you please make sure they are and try again?

Ah I’m sure that would fix it, but I was hoping there was another fix that doesn’t require changing my resolutions.

Thanks anyways.

Hi, I had the same issue and this doesn’t work. If I do it on 4k it almost works but the roster is too far into the right of the screen and this won’t work either as doing it on 4k causes low frame rates anyway and anything below 4k doesn’t even get close to working either.

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Update: I have managed to get it so that on 1080p I have the same issue as 4k with the roster being too far into the right of the screen. An improvement but still not fixed. I believe that the tracker does not account for scaling options so like the previous person with the issue they had scaling on 300% and I have mine on 125% and it almost fits. This is annoying as people know that the recommended scaling goes up the higher your resolution. Please find a way to get the roster to work with screen ratio not windows scaling.

If anyone wants a temporary fix go into windows settings and go System>Display>Scale And Layout>Then change the scaling in % (the first option) to 100%