In-Game Roster isn't showing correct account levels

When I pull up the in-game roster, only a handful of players have an account level displayed. The rest, including myself, only show up as level 0. Is this a steam issue, or is there is a setting I can change to fix this?


I believe this is caused by the fact not every player is registered on site so some accounts are ‘brand new’ to us thus we don’t have that data on hand.

Secondly you’re right in the fact that Steam account have a more limited function; i’ll test the APP on steam in the next day or so and try come back with more concrete details.

Thank you

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Hi @grazedgg,

The app does not support Steam profiles at the moment due to technical limitations. In other words, if there are Steam users in your lobby, you will not be able to get their Level or Rank Score. We hope to resolve this issue in the future.

You can read about other limitations on this page: