In "Live Match", informations to my accounts are N/A


The RLT should be connected to my Account. It is also shopwing up there. But all my informations (Rating/Wins etc…) are N/A.

Also I did a few matches, but I dont see these results in the “Match History”

Also have an issue, that the Discordbot RLRC do not find my account, when I try to register it, please help :frowning:

Hi @Moew252,

Unfortunately, the forum failed to upload your logs. Could you upload them on this website?

Could you also tell us your nickname in Rocket League? Are you using Steam or Epic Games?

Is your profile available on our website?

Ok, to use that Link, I also need your E-Mail or a place where to send it

My Epic Games RL-Ingamenickname is: Moew252

It exists definitly, but the tracker cant find it, I dont know why.

The Live-Tracker it sais that:

X Moew252 N/A (Rating) N/A (Wins) N/A (Goal %) N/A (Streak) N/A (TRN Score)