Individual performance does NOT affect Elo gains/losses

I acknowledge that the Elo page says that it tracks individual performance for elo gains and losses, but it most definitely does not. I just lost a game to a team with 130 average elo higher, and I lost the most elo out of the whole team (58, which is absurd considering we were predicted to have a 32% chance of winning) and I performed the best. Two wins prior, I performed the 2nd best on my team along with another good player, completely carrying another guy who went 4-11 (I was 19-5). The 4-11 player gained more elo than me.

This needs to be addressed. It is false advertising. Remove anything about individual performance from your Elo description page, or write the code to make it work properly. If it actually worked as intended, I would be in Legend by now, because almost every win, I carry, and almost every loss, I perform well. Your system is broken.

and again, i go 13-11 in a rough loss, -75. fine. teammate trolls, goes 7-13, -28 just because he’s in legend. what kind of “performance” based elo system is that? lol. horrible, misleading design.

Individual performance does matter. But it won’t negate a loss. You could have lost more Elo if you had performed worse.

Read my comment under the post. I perform multiple times better than teammates in some/most cases and lose more or gain less elo than them.