Is my Premium gone?

3 part question.

Do i no longer have premium?
If so why does it still show me ads?
If not how can i restore the purchase?[as I did purchase it today and i am not paying twice to restore it.]

I purchased yearly premium today so i wouldnt see any ads while using valorant tracker, but it did not removed the ads even after a close/open browser for valorant, and overworlf. My account is liked to my riot games profile account. I looked for all the settings on the web browser, on the overwolf overlay, and even in the mobile app, could find nothing to assist me. while doing all this I unsubscribed because i did not want it to be a recurring charge on a yearly cycle, and now it seems like i am not premium at all cause it does not say when my premium will expire and so on.

time out how is it when i post this then it give me the premium??? da heck?

yall set me up to look dumb, but still is my premium gone?

Hi @Auremix,

Thank you for your message. Your Premium membership is valid until July 14, 2023 (you unsubscribed and you will not pay for it when your Premium membership ends but your Premium is still valid).

I see that our app detects your Premium membership for your linked Valorant account properly, it should disable ads automatically:

It works on the website too:

Could you tell us please what you see on this page? If possible, please send a screenshot.


There is a chance this page shows incorrect message for some reason.

Could you tell us please what happens when you go to the page shown on the image below? Does “It looks like you’re not a supporter yet” appear on this page either?