Is the Fortnite Tracker API down?

I use a command on Twitch that displays wins and stats automatically after every game played (provided by xgerhard) and now it is saying that the API is temporarily disabled and not displaying any stats. I can’t reset the command either. Was wondering if the API is being worked on or if something happened to it? Thanks for any feedback in advance!

I’m having the same problem.
“API is temporarily disabled for maintenance or server issues”
any response from the team?

Since I am not a Premium member, I don’t have the ability to send emails to them so decided to post on the forum to see if a mod could see this and reach out. Haven’t heard anything from them yet.

Is weird not getting any response.
Because “temporarily disabled for maintenance” is one thing, other is “server issues” I just want to know which one it is.
Also the PowerRank from is not working too.

What is happing…

Due to abuse, we’ve had to disable our API in fortnite and will move to a system where we whitelist specific API keys.

If you would like to continue using our API, please email us at [email protected], and let us know what you’re using the API for and about how many calls you back, and we will let you know if we can whitelist you or not.

For hobby usage it’s still free, no worries, we just have to do it this way due to abuse.


What do you mean the power rank is not working? It should be working.

Ah I see. Thank you for the update sorry that the API has been abused. I am not sure how exactly the command works but I had used something from a developer named xgerhard (not sure if you are familiar with him, his Twitch Nightbot command uses your API and puts the stats into chat) but if I wanted to speak to someone to ask how this works or how I can implement the API into a Twitch command again would I email [email protected] or would I have to email someone using Premium?

Hi @briis,

I may be able to assist you with APIs if you provide some examples and describe what you are trying to do exactly (e.g., what kind of data you are trying to get).

Thanks! I appreciate all the help. I mod for a streamer on Twitch and we use this website: XG !Fortnite command . What this website helped do was whenever I typed in !tracker on twitch, it would pull stats from your Fortnite Tracker and place it in Twitch chat. It showed K/D, Win Percentage, Kills, the wins today and so on. I was able to even adjust the command how I wanted (I could choose if I only wanted trio stats to show for the day if the streamer was only playing trios) and it updated automatically. And then if I wanted to reset the stats for the next days stream I would do !reset in chat. I don’t know if it helps but the Nightbot command looked something like this:

!tracker $(urlfetch token here) &p=p2,p10,p9&f=kd,top1,matches,winRatio

The website I mentioned before generated a token so that it was specifically only for that user and then it would pull all the stats from your Fortnite Tracker (it also gives credits to you at the end of the command). I hope that was enough information. Not sure if there is a way to make this happen again or if there is some way to create this command again but any information helps!


I’m also getting the error, and I’m a Premium subscriber so I opened a ticket with your Support team and they suggested that I email you but they provided a different email address.

I can provide any information about how I’m using the API via email, and my implementation has a rate-limit feature so I can adjust the calls to any frequency you like, every minute or 5 minutes or 10 minutes, whichever works best for you!

Is there any way to know whether my email to [email protected] was received?

Same here. I sent an email with all my app and API details.

Hope it will be restored soon!

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It seems you are using a third party service which, in turn, relies on our APIs. Unfortunately, we do not have any information about how this service works, have you tried to contact the developers? It is currently not clear if they tried to get access to our APIs again.

I will ask the team if we received your requests, @AgentEpiphany and @tsorzo.

Please be patient, we are getting many messages these days and we may not be able to respond quickly.


Ok thank you for following up!

I’ll keep checking this forum for any updates, I don’t want to overwhelm your staff so I’ll pace myself here as well.

Thank you TRN for these forum updates!

I just now had a look at my App status in and see a notice above the “Apply For Production Use” button

“Your application for production use was rejected. Reason provided: Not approved due to low effort given in application. No App information.”

The button is greyed now, so how should I proceed? I wasn’t sure how much information you wanted in the form. As I wrote in my email to [email protected] I’ll be happy to provide any information you like!

Should I create a new API application and submit it again? How much detail do you want? I can provide some general information here in the forums it’s just a few PHP files.

Yes it was from a third party service. I have tried to contact the developers but it is a little difficult to get a reach of him. Hopefully he will be able to answer soon. Thank you for the reply.

Hey everyone, to continue on what xorth said earlier this week, we are getting many requests and we are evaluating every email. Please bear with us. Thanks!

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Thanks for the update!

For our applications that were declined for insufficient information, should we create a new API app to submit with more info? The Application button is greyed out

If you sent an email, please wait for a response. We do not recommend to create multiple applications.

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The email was sent and I CC’d the Support ticket I opened earlier, but I don’t have a confirmation the email was received yet though so that’s why I’m ready to provide details here on the forum if it will help at all!

FYI I’m a livestreamer and I use some of the stats as an overlay in my stream. They are NOT user accessible (no website the viewers can visit to view the stats) they are used ONLY with my streaming software when I do my livestreams.