Is this app still supported?

This app is not working. It recorded the first session I had 4 days ago and refuses to record any more. It even recorded the first session wrong as it didn’t record party scores, only solo. I tried restarting the epic client and game several times. It acts like it’s recording your current session but it never saves anything past the first day.

Hi @Raymondola,

Thank you for your report. Does it happen after the latest game patch? It must have broken the app integration, we will investigate the issue.

Yes It is still happening. I reinstalled the app and it still gives me ONLY the games I played on october 17 and goes no further.

Also only tracks solo events, no squads.

Unfortunately, the app is currently broken because of the latest game update. We are working on a fix but it will take some time.

The splash screen states that fixes usually take 1-2 days. This app has been broken 1-2 weeks. I’m not holding my breath.

Sorry, we understand it takes much time to fix the issue. We are still working on it and we will release an update as soon as we have any success.

Hi @Raymondola,

We released an update today (v1.1.0), the app is fully operational now.