Is TRN Premium worth it for PS5 players

I’m debating buying TRN Premium but I’m mostly a ps5 player is it worth it? Would it still group the matches together?

Hi @Devil187,

Matches appear grouped together if you do not update your profile regularly (ideally, you should update your profile between each match). If you decide to become a Premium member, we will update your profile automatically as often as we can to avoid grouped matches. It does not matter if you play on PC or console.

Please note that it will minimize the number of grouped matches significantly, but in rare cases some matches may still appear grouped together if it is impossible to distinguish individual matches (there are technical challenges that are out of our control).

You may try Premium for one month to see if it fits your expectations and switch to a better subscription option later if you are happy with the results. If you have any issues while being a Premium member, you will be able to contact our Premium support as well to get higher priority for your request.

Please let me know if you have further questions about our Premium subscription plans.

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