Isnt my stats or profile

The stats that are coming up are not mine. Its someone elses intirely.

I’m sorry to hear that @Kingkez12. Can you please help me with the following?

Do you have a screenshot of the app and will you please be able to send me a link to your profile on our site?

Also, any chance that you can post your logs here? It will help us to understand more and hopefully solve this.

Right-click on the Overwolf logo next to the clock > Support > Create logs zip.


i have the same problem. how do i fix this and get my stats back?

@Kingkez12 @onerockstar6975 are you guys using a version of Windows Insider Preview?

it does the same thing for me and everything is uptaded. I also try to reinstall r6 tracker overlay and its still does the same thing.

are you using a version of Windows Insider Preview?

i’ve got same problem but with fortnite