It keeps happening

Im not even joking, my 90 streak was just added back 4 days ago but it went back to 0, AGAIN. I swear I never missed a day if you look at my match history you can see I played multiple matches.

I see that the XP is reported with a 1 day gap. A reminder that XP is awarded at the time of checkin, not when you played the match. So if you miss a day opening the app, then the XP is is not collected and therefore missed.

Last earned XP:
12/07/2023 15:51:55 +11:00
12/05/2023 23:39:55 +11:00

A couple things you could check: verify that the both the time and timezone on your device are accurate. If the timezone on your device does not match your local time, your XP “day” may end earlier or later than expected, even if the clock time matches a wall clock. If the date and time and timezone are all correct, then it will just come down to habitually checking in on the app at the right time. I’ve set your streak back as a courtesy.

thank you again!!