K/D is not updating on main screen

My KD on my main page is not updating and is incorrect. I have manually divided it out and it is not correct. The funny part is that in game, it is showing the correct KD. How do I fix this?

Hi, please could you provide some more details?

Is there a problem with the Lifetime or Seasonal KD you see on the in-game overlay? If so, is it correct on the r6.tracker.network site?

Are you a new player that has been playing the “Newcomer” game mode?

Please could you also provide your in-game username?


My username is QueenTEGz

It is my lifetime K/D that is showing incorrectly. It is ‘frozen’ at 0.76. When I manually divide out my kills/deaths, Im at 0.83.

On the r6.tracker.newtwork webpage, it is incorrect. It is also incorrect on my homepage of the game overlay, but is strangely correct and up-to-date at the 0.83 in the “live match” tab when I get into a game.

I have not played newcomer mode. I am level 125.

Thank you for the details. I’ve added this issue to our task list and we’ll look at it soon. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @QueenTEGz,

The issue has been fixed, your K/D is calculated properly now.