Leaderboard correct - Profile not


my Vantage Kills do not show up in my profile but i can see them on the leaderboards. (Origin: OldMcMorris / Steam: xMorris)
I only have the standard Kills, Damage and Finisher trackers equipped but in the box, where i can add legends it says : We could not detect any selected trackers at the moment, and thus cannot update your stats.

Tried to switch legends and go back to Vantage but this didnt help.

Leaderboard is correct, though.

Any ideas how to fix that?

Your profile is currently correct: OldMcMorris’s Apex Legends Legends Stats - Apex Legends Tracker

My profile is having issues. I am not showing up on vanguard leaderboards even though i should be 85 for snd elims. I cant verify my account for activision like i can with xbox and youtube. Help.