Leaderboard Pages reset after page 21

Hey guys,

I was looking up a leaderboard position to confirm another user’s post, but I can’t seem to get the leaderboard to show results beyond page 21.

Right now, what I’m seeing is that the page display in the query URL string will correctly show ?page=22; however, the actual displayed results are the first page of the leaderboard. The page selector at the bottom will even show correctly that I’m “on” page 22 with pages 21 and 23 included for easy navigation. This behavior occurs on across all platform filters, all Legends, and all stats.

Repro is quite simple:

  • Navigate to https://apex.tracker.gg/apex/leaderboards/stats/all/RankScore?page=1
  • Either manually click your way up to page 21 or edit the query string in the URL to ?page=21
  • At the bottom of the page in the page selector, select either the next page arrow or click on the “22” to go to page 22 (or again, edit the query string in the URL to ?page=22)
  • You will be shown results from the first page, but the URL will display page 22 as will the page selector at the bottom

I haven’t tested all other leaderboards yet, but I can see similar behaviors occur at different page numbers on the Fortnite and R6 leaderboards as well. The Fortnite leaderboard actually displays an error page instead of showing the first page results, though.

Just wanted to give you a heads up regarding this bug. Please let me know if you need any more info!

– Smurf

EDIT: I’m testing on Firefox 99.0.1 (64-bit), which is the latest build, with no extensions/ad-blockers

Hi @vindictivesmurf,

Thank you for your detailed feedback. As far as I remember, we are limiting the leaderboard results because of scrapers. I will add it to our to-do list, we will probably show a proper message on such pages instead of placements.

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