Leaderboards - warzone, not showing up!

I am playing Warzone, especially Plunder.
I want to understand why I am not appearing on Warzone leaderboards at all.

gamer ID MosheargU#1891424 , playing warzone on PS4.

I linked my accounts to the tracker and approved the data visible to everyone. I can see my recent matches etc etc, but im not showing up on any leaderboard, especially regional (Israel).

Help required!

theres currectly a staff member replying ill see if it shows up now

ill leave this to u @lostblood

Hi @moshearg,

When did you link your Warzone profile to your Tracker Network profile? It usually takes some time to refresh leaderboards (from hours to a couple of days).

is this your account (just making sure so i can check leaderboards)

yes this is my account

what leaderboards are u looking at?

ill let u take over since your the admin have a nice day @LostBlood and @moshearg

my PSN was linked already for alot of time, but I linked the Activision #, today.

The wins and kills leaderboards have been updated for both PlayStation and Activision. Your placements are available now.