Levels stuck on zero in Fall Guys Stats

Hi everyone,

I recently install Fall Guys Tracker and I’m satisfied of what it does about the game. But I’ve seen that for Pipe Dream, Leading Lights and Hoverboard Heroes, the “played” countdown is stucked on zero, while I’ve already played these levels several times. Is there something we can do to fix it ? I add that I’m French, so maybe it’s a confusion about level names in other languages.

Sincerely yours,

Hi @nitsuj4910,

Thank you for your report. The app supports these levels but something might have changed in the game client recently which is why the counters stopped working.

Could you send us your logs after playing one of these levels please?

Hi again,

Thank you for your attention. I’ve played Leading Lights in round 3 (and lost) just before I download and upload Owerwolf logs according to your guide. There’s the link :

EDIT : In addition to these countdown issues, it seems that Button Bashers is not appearing on the app.

Thank you. It looks like some level IDs have been changed recently, and some other levels are actually missing. We will update the app as soon as we can, I will let you know when the update is live.

Hi again,

Hope your update is going on well. I would like to report a new kind of curiosity in the stats : rounds that counts in two categories.
I’m pretty sure that, when I’m playing Full Tilt, the result is reported in both Full Tilt and See Saw statistics in FGT. The same trick goes for Roll On, which seems to be reported in both Roll On and Roll Out categories.
The consequence is that See Saw stats are the sum of See Saw and Full Tilt performances, and Roll Out stats are the sum of Roll On and Roll Out performances.