Lifetime Subscription

Can we discuss the possibility of a lifetime subscription? I avoid reoccurring subscriptions like the plague. A large one time payment for lifetime premium would fit this platform nicely.

300 USD - 500 USD is my recommendation.

Hi, a lifetime subscription is not something we plan to do anytime soon unfortuntely.

Currently, when you start a subscription, you can stop recurring payments by cancelling the subscription. You’ll keep your premium benefits until the date stated before cancelling.

I hope one day a lifetime model could be implemented as I do not pay for things on a reoccurring basis per my financial strategy and wont pay for limited time access.

Other issue I am facing and have not gotten support with:
KD graph for BF2042 profile does not update. It has been stuck at 2.66 even though I play every day and check this site every day. Topic on it here if anyone even knows how to fix this issue.

Another piece of feedback: the app does not present the same graphs that are presented on the web. The app feels unpolished compared to the web experience.

If you do the $4/mo non-subscription you can pick how many months you do. If you want to donate $300 for a lifetime subscription, I can probably make that happen for you. That’s not something most users will want to do though, so it doesn’t make sense for us to add it as an option.