Linking ussue and tracker not updated

Hi, i have two problems:

1- When i try to link my Origin account the network always respond with: “Something went wrong while trying to lookup your name, please try again later”. Can i link it in any other way? Cause i want to claim my profile.

2- If i search my profile and look at the statistics they are not updated and also the name (after i changed it) doesn’t update.

Thanks for your help.

Hi i have the same problem

Nothing new? It has been 5 days now.


Hi @anything_Hat,

You should be able to link your Origin account now. Are you still experiencing the same issue?

Hi @LostBlood , thanks for the answer.

Now i can link the account but without the “verification symbol” (i don’t know if it means something or not).

But i still have problem with the profile statistics: it doesn’t update matches, legends, etc and also the name still didn’t change.

Thanks again.