Live match not tracked

I have some problems from yesterday, I don’t remember a specific time since when i got this type of error, but these problems always make my comps not enjoyable cause of lack of information about enemies stats, lineups, and couldn’t highlight the round.

here some screenshot that might help.

this image above shows that in agent selection, the Valorant TRN window didn’t show any details about my agent Stats.

In Image 2, In-Game Scoreboard from Valorant TRN didn’t show up too, so I’m struggling to track how many kills and how many wins I got last round.

In this last image, it showed Valorant TRN Window that I access using Alt+T didn’t track any Live match that went in Valorant itself.

Im testing this on Custom Lobby, the same thing happen in All Lobby (Unrated, Spike Rush, Comps, Etc…)
I already do some of the steps, like Restarting the Overwolf, Restarting The Valorant, also restarting the PC, sometimes it fix, sometimes it wont.
the Service Status indicator in Valorant TRN Window also didnt affect the feature, yesterday it was green, and still got the problems.

Any suggestion or ideas are welcome…

Hi @8currate,

We are sorry for the late response. Are you still experiencing this issue? Could you send us your logs please?


its okay, there is never a word late for feedbacks, and yeah i still get the problems sometimes.

Here some of the log that u guys wanted, hopes it helps, perhaps i already upload it on onecloud, is that fine??

heres the link : Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

hope it will solves soon.

i have the same isue and i cant upload zip files