Live Match not working in Warzone / Widget not displaying in game

Good evening,

I am unable to access the live match data on the App, it just tells me to join a game to receive data, when I join a game, I receive no live match data.

I am also unable to open the widget in game, when I press the Activate/Deactivate button, nothing happens.

I have ran both over wolf and WZ Tracker as Admin, and nothing has changed. Should i load the app first, then the game or vice versa? I’m not sure how I am meant to get the live stats to work.

I would appreciate any help or guidance.

Hi @DirtyWizard90,

Could you send us your Overwolf logs please? You need to launch the app first, then the game.

Overwolf is still working on supporting Warzone which is why live match data might be unavailable on some PCs. We hope the issue will be resolved as soon as possible.