Live Match not working in Warzone

don t work live match for me

After a while finally, the live match starts to work today, I just don’t know why!?
It made my fps a little bit lower(10fps on avg), also it causes to my game be very laggy!
I don’t know is it worth or not, I’m just not going to use it.

Hallo geht es jetzt bei dir? Bei mir geht der Live tracker nicht also es steht immer ich soll ein spiel suchen Battle royal oder Plünderer wenn ja kannst du mir sagen was du getan hast? :slight_smile: Danke dir

I seem to be having badluck. Anything in the log files I can fix?

Thank you in advance

Hi @scanlinejay,

It seems like you are using ModernWarfare.exe with improper settings to run Warzone. Please make sure you unchecked “Disable fullscreen optimization” in the shortcut settings (you can find the instruction on this page: [Troubleshooting] How to fix live tracking issues).

This is how you can find the file on your PC:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Call of Duty Modern Warfare\ModernWarfare.exe

That fixed it instantly. Thank you thank you!