Live Match not working (Warzone)

Hey all,

I am having trouble to get the app working properly and I’m not sure if I’m missing something on my side.
Yesterday I downloaded the app and the live match only worked on the very first match after installing it. After that, it did not recognize new live matches.

I tried restarting my computer, the game, as well as checking my profile settings (all public), but still no luck. Service status says “all features are available”.

Interesting enough, if I uninstall the app and install again, the first match I play, works again. But just the first and no further ones.

Some relevant info:
OS: Win 10 Home 10.0.19041
App version: Latest
Games installed: Warzone, Cold War, Modern Warfare
My profile: hugw#1452’s Warzone Overview - COD Warzone Tracker

Let me know if you need any other information.


PS: I also submitted a ticket here

Hey, can you please share your logs with me?

Right-click on the Overwolf logo next to the clock > Support > Create Log Zip

Thank you.

Sure, @RoDeX
I didn’t find a way to share the file via editor of this support page. I uploaded it to my Google Drive then.

Please find the logs attached in the link bellow:

Sorry @hugw, we are not sure about this one. Can you please share the link to this thread when you contact the Overwolf team with that? Thank you.

I contacted Overwolf already and they said the issue is on your side.

FYI: The issue is now solved.
It was conflicting with Riva Tuner.
If others are on the same boat, check: Overwolf and conflicts with RivaTuner: Overwolf Support

Thanks for the update @hugw.