Live metch don't work

Hello guys my “Live match” don’t work for me. I have all score of team mate and enemies, but me it’s always 0-0

do have some solution ?

Hi @Kamicron,

Thank you for your report. Could you send us your app logs please to help us understand why it happens?

Hello @LostBlood, i’m new users, and i can’t send my file log. How can i do ?

Please upload your logs on this website and share a link:

It looks like you made your nickname hidden for other players in the game settings. Could you make it visible and play a match to see if it resolves the issue?

We will try to fix this issue on our side but it may take some time.

I try this, but it’s not resolves my problem…

We have just released a fix. Please make sure you are using v1.8.5 (you can check it in the app settings) and let us know if it resolved the issues for you.

I forgot to answer you,

yesterday I have try to show my nickname, and now tracker work. But if you have updated the tracker, I don’t know if the solution is to show my nickname or the update.

I will try this evening to hide my nickname.

Really thanks for your fast answer !