Live tracker not updating every game

I have had the r6 tracker for months, it has been amazing. I then let my friend use my game for t hunt and for some reason now my r6 tracker doesn’t display the right stats for live games. Whenever I leave a game and join a new one it shows the current players with old ranks and kds, it also shows my old used operators and the kills I got. I deleted and reinstalled the app 3 times and wiped the drive that Overwolf was on. Is there a fix for this?


Yes, there should be a fix for this issue, and it’s also likely affecting a number of other users. If you’re willing to help out and send some files over, Overwolf should be able to fix the problem.

Please follow the steps below and send everything in a comment below.

  1. Your app logs, if you don’t know how to send them, a guide is available here.
  2. Next, navigate to C:\Users\YOUR_USER_NAME\AppData\Local\Ubisoft\r6siege
  3. Send me BOTH the items shown in the screenshot (R6status.ini file AND the folder with the most recent modified date). You may have to zip up the folder and upload to


I’m having trouble finding the file on c:\ is there another spot it would be in, i searched the pc for the file name and it doesn’t exist.

Thanks for the app logs. If you press Win+R then type %appdata% , you’ll land here:

Click on “AppData” and you’ll see the “Local” folder, next, click “Ubisoft” then “r6siege”.
I’ll need the r6status.ini file AND the folder with the most recent modified data (as mentioned above). These files are essential in order to solve the issue! :slight_smile:

Thanks for helping out.

these were the two files under r6siege, the r6status does not look like a INI file, under type it says configure settings. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me!