Live Trackers Not working for me

Hey There, the live tracker and overlays are not working for me on Warzone. Please help me with the following. This is after the update on 17th July 2021. Logs are attached.

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Hi @Aman200413,

Thank you for your logs. Could you make sure please that “Disable fullscreen optimization” is unchecked?

Moreover, please make sure that the Overwolf Overlay is enabled in the app settings.


Disable fullscreen optimization is unchecked and Overwolf Overlay is enabled. still not working

I have modern warfare starting up as Administrator. Do you think that is causing the issue?

Hey @LostBlood, Finally figured it out, You need to have 'Run this program as an administrator should be unchecked. You guys mentioned turning it off for Blizzard only in the guide and not for Moderwarfare.exe and ModernWarfareLauncher.exe. Make sure you let other people know because there are videos on youtube that say running it as an administrator will boost performance. I have done it so others should have done it as well.

Aman Adusumilli

Thank you! We will add it to our troubleshooting guide soon.