Map stats seem to be wrong

My maps stats show that I have won 100% of 1 Match played on Icebox during the current Act (E4A4).
Shown in the top part of the image, had to combine both images into one.

But looking at the matches just from the last couple of days, I have at least played Icebox twice in competitive (bottum of image).

In total the maps overview shows 48 Matches, but it should be 54 (calculated by dividing the matches won (29) by the win percentage (53,7%=0,537))

After looking through my match history, the icebox match that is included in the maps overview is from 06/16/22, so it seem like just the newer matches are missing in the maps overwiew.

I hope the description is sufficient and the bug can be fixed.

Hi @NITH01,

Thank you for your report. We are aware of this issue but it requires some time to fix it. We are currently updating the internal systems and this issue will be fixed once we finish the updates.

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