Mark account as stolen in tracker

Hello, probably should be a feature request, but from my point of view is a detail that has a lot of importance.
Recently my Fortnite account has been stolen because someone had access to my e-mail, i already contacted Epic in order to recover it but even if i provided all the details, they didn’t helped.
What i am asking is some kind of flag or text shown close to the name on the tracker (or something like that) that marks the account permanently as stolen, i am asking this because i was fond of the account and i want to let know that it’s stolen. Thank you so much.

Also i have one question, from epic APIs that the tracker is connected, what can you guys do?
I mean, i am also a small developer so i have small knowledge about it, but if the tracker is still connected to the account, with the APIs what is it possible to do?

obtain stats. that’s pretty much all we can do.

Alright, thank you so much for the info. What about my request instead?

We cannot mark accounts as ‘stolen’ (Or anything similar)

My suggestion would be to work with Epic and contact them; we’re a 3rd party site so having specific tags for accounts that may have been compromised is not something we can handle.