Match History can't be open & only display last round operator

In my R6 Tracker App my matches in history can’t open match details & only display last round operator.

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Hi, thank you for attaching your logs in the initial post :))

Please could press Windows Key + R and enter %localappdata%\Ubisoft\r6siege\Y8S3.1.0_C7787138_D1822042_S53716_61288037\965559689\ and send me the RainbowSix.exe file you see in this location?

Please can you upload to and share the link to the file?


Sorry for hijacking the thread but I have the same problem and want to help.
Please grab the log+executable here.

Thank you! Overwolf will investigate. Could be a couple days til fixed, depends on complexity.
@treecko333 - I’ll still require your RainbowSix.exe file too once you get a moment, thanks!

here is this file

Thank you!

Hi @treecko333 @racomaizer,

Please could you close Siege and restart Overwolf like so: [Guide] Fix Common Overwolf Issues or Update Overwolf Client & Plugins

If you are still seeing the issue for future matches, please attach your logs once again.


It’s still not working and I don’t see any version update on Overwolf?

Grab logs here.

I have this issue too it’s been going on since the start of y8s3.0

I also have this issue.


@racomaizer, your previous R6 session was on an older GEP version :slight_smile:
Thank you for the new set of logs.

@Memeologyy thank you for your logs.

For existing and new readers, we are currently waiting for Overwolf to solve this issue. Your issue may also resolve itself once Ubisoft update their security measures (they do this every so often).