Match history isn’t tracking

Recently, I’ve checked my profile a few times, and while the ranked stats for Vector Glare like wins, losses, kills, etc. are correct, the match history doesn’t show the recent matches I’ve played. I took a long hiatus and came back 3 months ago, and I played around 3 ranked games, which show on the tracker, but not the recent ones from now. What’s weird is all the other stats are correct and are updated, but the match history and MMR history haven’t been updated. Also, I have only played ranked matches for the 3 months, and I’m still unranked. The stats from the official R6 tracker show my match history, so I think it’s something with the tracker. Not to mention, other people’s match history is working on Xbox. I think I need someone to look into my account, and any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, few things I’m unsure about what you are saying…

Firstly, what’s your username, platform and approximate level please (that you see in game).

What do you mean by “official R6 Tracker match history”?

Also, please note that your match history only updates when you or someone else opens your match history on the site/mobile app etc. It only auto updates if you leave your profile open or if you have Tracker Network Premium. This noted on the match history page.


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Hi, my username is Frosty V50; I’m on Xbox, and I am a level 110. By official R6 stat tracking, I’m referring to the stat tracker listed on the Rainbow Six Siege website. I don’t have the website open while I’m playing, but I looked at my stats here after and it doesn’t show the match history of the games I’ve played. It still only shows the ones from 3 months ago even though I didn’t have the website open then either. I think there’s a backend issue with my account because I saw someone have this on a Reddit thread. Here is the Reddit thread: