Match not counting on the app!

I keep having matches in ranked and not ranked but it is not working is they are glitch or an update? Does it support ranked as well as un ranked? Because I keep getting 10th in ranked and 8th in not ranked. And none of the games are counting when I click check for match. I don’t know if it is because of the new season on Fortnite or not. If this is a glitch let me know so I can report it in the bug part but I am only asking because I don’t know if it known or just the app having an update with the new season too.

Hi @Bradley0702,

Could you clarify which app you are using please? Does this issue happen in our mobile app or in our desktop app?

In the mobile app.

Thank you.

This is an issue on the Epic Games side, we are unable to update stats currently because of it.

Please do not worry about your XP streak, it will be frozen for now. If it gets reset, please let us know and we will recover it.

Ok thank you.