Match Replays are counted as Losses

On my profile, I have noticed that all match replays count as losses.

All of my matches with 0 kills, 0 deaths, 0 MMR change were match replays that count as losses.

I have confirmed after a session, my stack usually reviews our replays. After a win streak with no losses, there are two defeats matching the two match replays we watched.

The matches we watched were both wins on our side.

Any chances this can be fixed? Probably a replay bug, but having things with 0 MMR change, even for casual affecting overall winrate is annoying.

Hey @honestliar, this is a known bug currently because of the Overwolf API. We hope it will be fixed soon.
In the meantime, please know that the match history in the app is local and doesn’t affect your overall profile. We are getting the data on these matches correctly for your profile.

Hello @RoDeX ,

After a bit more experimentation, I have determined that the match replay only tracks when you watch the very end of the last round in the replay.

Also, I am not sure what you mean when the match history in the app is not affecting the overall profile. I have tested that when a ‘loss’ appears on the website from a replay, the overall winrate of my profile does go down accordingly.

For reference, I am not using the app. I am solely using the website to track matches.
I have attached images of my profile as well as the match history before and after the replay.

Additional info, I watched a match replay of an unranked match. That replay was then counted as a loss in the unranked category. I am unsure if all replays are categorized as unranked, but I am 70% certain they are.

Here are the attached images in imgur format. I am not allowed to embed more than one image in a message.

Hey, misunderstanding on my part. I thought you meant that the issue is with the app.

You are right, there is an issue that we looked into that is showing losses for watching replays. Last we checked this is an issue with the R6 API but let me check again with the team and see if there’s something we can do about it.

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