Matches are bugged!

Matches are bugged (dont appear, or the wrong thing they are under.)
as an example on my account boygamer101020.
i have not played more than 5-10 normal games and all other in ranked in these 3 seasons and yet it shows as if i have played half of these in the normal gamemode another example is moneymakers profile, a good month ago he was on 10k matches now hes on under 3k.
thx for reading have a great day! :grin:

Hi @Slupson89,

Please keep your profile open in your browser or mobile app for better match tracking. It will let you avoid “grouped matches” mentioned at the top of the match history:

Also, please note that you currently have 512 matches in total (this number includes both casual and ranked matches):

If you go to the ranked tab, you can see that you have 470 ranked matches:

Everything looks correct in your profile, please let me know if you have questions.