Mmr , division up

Under matches played and it shows points till u division up and down, what does it mean when there is a (-) . I haven’t ranked up to champ. I won match before last and it said I div up in 10 pts. But I didn’t. Is there a mmr requirement for champ in 2v2 ?

Hi @BBee1989,

We calculate “Div Up” and “Div Down” based on the global rank distribution.

For example, your current rank is Gold 2 Div 2 and your MMR is 553 in Ranked Doubles 2v2:

If you look at the global rank distribution for the same playlist (Skill Rating Distribution - Rocket League Tracker), you will see that you need to gain 5 points to be in Div 3 or you need to loose 14 points to be in Div 1:

The numbers are approximate and you may need to gain/loose a slightly different number of points in some cases.

If you still have questions or you meant “Div Up” and “Down Down” in a different place on the website, please let me know.