Modern Warfare updating with my WARZONE stats

Hello, my win % and win streak are wrong and I have not played any Multiplayer today but my account is updating i believe with my Warzone stats, which I thought was supposed to be separate? I was on a 76 game winstreak now it says 0 and i have 888 wins to 246 loses which should be 78% win percentage not a 65.9% win rate

if you look at my Match History I have 77 wins in a row, the 0-0-0 cave game idk why its there, that game was never played


Stat’s are always ever so slightly behind on ourside while we pull data to formulate your stats thus they may update on days you’re not playing in some cases.

In regards to the 0-0-0 game you reference this is probably why you feel like with w/l ratio is slightly off; the API that will pull data from registers these games this either showing a Win/Loss/Tie we have to factor that into your overall W/L ratio.

We cannot filter out these instances.

Thank you

My issue is really the Warzone is updating with Modern Warfare stats

Don’t worry; that’s certainly not the case.

Yeah sorry its not the sites fault its activision my friend lost his multiplayer 93 game win streak because he played a game of plunder sorry for the inconvenience :smiley: