Multiversus profile stats are way out of date

I found my Multiversus profile on the tracker website, and it does list a bunch of my recent games, but the character stats seem to be way out of date and I think maybe the tracker is only listing my stats and characters that I played during the beta. I have almost exclusively used the Joker since the games full release, but in the “Top Fighters” section on the right, Joker isn’t even there at all.

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i have the same issue

I noticed this as well. Some 1v1 matches have double the pictures too and the fighter reads as “unknown player”. It’s either forgotten or it takes quite a bit of time to update their tracker system. Either way all we can do is wait for them to notice this and to fix/update it all ^^

@CrownedSloth Hi, What’s your WB Username? I’m hunting down all issues I can today so the team can get some upgrades made to the site

Hey Lewie,

My WB Username is “CrownedSloth”. I noticed the following problems:

  1. Not all characters are present on the site.
  2. Even though it recognizes that it’s a 1v1, it displays the opponent twice.
  3. Both my own and the opponent’s name is “Unknown player”.
  4. Even though it reads “Unknown player”, you can still click on their character and it’ll bring you to their actual profile.
  5. It seems that characters you first played after the game re-launched, they won’t show up in your fighter’s list. Black Adam was released during the game’s beta but he’s not showing up in my list since I only played him after the game officially launched.

My brother, “Sonisca”, has some more matches where he’s playing newer characters such as Banana Guard. However, on his profile I am able to see his name and some of the opponents. Most still seem to show up as “Unknown player”.

I think that’s all I noticed. Not sure if the stats regarding the MMR are acurate, but I can’t really check that myself.

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Having the same issue my MMR doesn’t show at all and none of my character stats (top fighters section doesn’t show) Nyte2 on WB

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My is doing the same thing DoctorSynergy_ it’s showing the characters I used in beta but not showing my current the only thing that’s it’s really showing current is my matches played and wins and the recent matches section but my characters, and my 1v1 and teams at the bottom it’s not showing that updated

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Same issues as above, all my characters, 1v1 stats and 2v2 are all beta stats but the global stat section is updating correctly.

Hope you can figure this out, and i wish you the best of luck!

Hi, yeah we’ve heard this quite a few times!

It’s on the list for our developer team to review!

Mine’s doing the same thing.