Multiversus Stat Tracker - Custom Games Count Towards Online Stats

Now for some reason, your stats in custom games track towards your online stats. This caused me to lose my 80 game+ win streak. After I finished winning my last match before I went to go take a break, I ended up rematching the individual I previously beat, in a customs game. Once I ended up losing in the customs game (loool), I checked my online 1v1 stats and my win streak was down to 0.

I don’t know if this is a bug or not but I think it needs to be fixed. If I had lost my winning streak to a person I was facing in an online 1v1’s, then so be it, it is what it is. However, why did I lose my online 1v1 winning streak, when I lost in a customs game? Not only that, but it seems like people are taking advantage of this system, by inflating/boosting their stats by going into custom games and beating bots.

We’re aware of this, this is done by the game developer. In the future we will look to figuring out a way to exclude this data, but it’ll be a pain.


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