My account does not show up on the leaderboards

Hello, my account OSC383 is not showing up on any of the leaderboards. I should be 3rd for score per minute and kills per minute but it doesn’t list it on the leaderboards. I have 240 rounds played and 40 hours so I don’t think either of those are the issue. This is my second account and I thought that maybe that was what was causing the issue. So I bought a gold membership for this account as well, but that didn’t fix it. If I look up my username I can see my stats, but just not on the leaderboard. Pls help me.

Hello?? Is someone going to help me? Other ppl who posted after me are getting helped. Why am I being ignored?

Please can you tell me when you first searched up your profile on site as it can take a day to be shown on the leaderboards.

Secondly assuming you’re referring to Xbox Live Gold this would have zero impact on site.

Thank you

Premium users get priority support. This feedback forum is not priority support.

I have been looking and waiting for about 3 weeks now. I have had 50+ matches for about a month and have had the account for about a month and a half. I appreciate you responding.

The sum of matches required to show on the leaderboards is significantly higher than 50 at the current time.

Is there an exact number? Because I have have 235 matches played at the moment and I can see people with less matches than me on the leaderboard. I have not played an grand operations so rounds played should equal matches played. I don’t think that that is the issue.

Good evening, I have exactly the problem regarding my score / game.
By looking at the top France, I fall into the nails and should sometimes even be in the top 50 France.
Total misunderstanding …

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Yes this seems to be an issue that several people are experiencing including myself. I have yet to get useful help on this forum or in the discord. This is very disappointing


You recently crossed the threshold of games required; which again is a moving scale.

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