My Account has false stats

I started playing from level 0 recently and it says I played in operation health when I haven’t played the game or gained any charms. Is there any way to reset these false stats?

Have you made sure you are looking at the correct profile?

Please provide me a link to your profile, what season did you start playing?

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I started playing in crystal guard. I am only level 36 but it says I’m 99. It says I’m ranked but I’ve never played and never received any charms. Also on my Xbox I have played 21 hours but on the tracker it says 156 hours. Makes no sense and these are not my stats

So can I get any help to resolve this?

This issue may take more time to investigate, not seen this issue before. Please be patient.

Okay, so, here is a link to your profile, I know the level is incorrect, I’ll get it looked into. Please save this link for now, we will look into it further: R6Tracker - okow - Rainbow Six Siege Player Stats


Once you pass level 99, your profile show be fully sorted. The bug was caused due to a previous Xbox player by the name of “okow”. If they changed their name and never played siege again, ubi doesn’t update the API.

Thanks for your patience

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